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March 24 2018

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Green serpentine stone mask found at the base of Pyramid of the Sun, ca 50 A.D., Teotihuacán, Mexico

March 22 2018

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Lisa Zordan (French, b. 1987, Paris, France) - The Dragonfly  Mixed Media: Acrylics, Collage on Paper

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Le Freak C'est Chic, photographed by Jamil GS

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Mouna Fadiga for Osman Resort 2018

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jill suart fw18

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amelia rami for into the gloss jan. 2018

March 21 2018

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France Nuyen in Life Magazine (1958)

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March 19 2018

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I thank you, lord Tezcatlipoca, for the inspiration that I lacked to do my best as a real witch.




destroy the idea that angels are blonde and blue eyed and fair skinned !!! destroy the idea of holy imagery consisting only of white people !!!


iirc this is actually one of thomas blackshear’s main subject matters! so check out his stuff if ur interested

I’m sorry, but that first picture? Whoa.

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Who wants tattooz

March 10 2018

March 07 2018

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ph-yann weber_antidote magazine.jpg

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mildly obsessing over this beautiful portrait of métis resistance leader gabriel dumont by the incomparable @christi_belcourt #indigenousart

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“Albert’s photographs, largely rendered in black and white, radiate an unrelenting sense of celebration, where local community events
re-centered the ‘Black is Beautiful’ movement of 1960’s America within a British context. While they adopt conventional markers of pageantry, these contests existed to champion a markedly different beauty ideal to that which was expounded elsewhere in mid-century Britain, creating spaces in which a new generation of young black women could affirm their identity.” Text by Monique Todd via AnOther Mag (2016)

Holley modeling jewelry at Blythe Road, Hammersmith, London, early 1970s, from the portfolio of ‘Black Beauty Pageants’ by Raphael Albert.

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En la China Poblana (Fernando a. Palacios, 1943 ) con Tito Novaro, de la cual no existen copias.

March 06 2018

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