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February 06 2018

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February 03 2018

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Wayne Barlowe - The Surrogate

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Teotihuacán, México

February 02 2018

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NGC 4631 (the Whale Galaxy or Caldwell 32) is a spiral galaxy, 30 million ly away in Canes Venatici. It has a central starburst, and is interacting with dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 4627. The pair together is ARP 281

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The Air, 1937, Joan Miro

Medium: lithography

January 07 2018

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Myrtillocactus cochal

Myrtillocactus cochal is the only species in the genus native to Baja California. It looks similar to M. geometrizans (from central Mexico), and like that species it has small fragrant flowers and tasty little fruits.


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Reposted byMrHobbesbabyfaceamphetaminelogic
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“Un día de estos
observa tu cuerpo,
tu piel desnuda.
Te darás cuenta que la naturaleza habita en ti.
Y entonces el árbol florece,
llega la primavera". - Santiago Savi
Mi primer obra terminada del año “somos naturaleza”. #nature #nudeart #malebody #maleart #boyart #nude #flores #flowers #santiagosavi #malemodel #malenude #malenudeart #mexicanart #mexicanartist #popularculture #culturapopular #latinoart #latinartist #latinart #textiles #tapete #artepopular #ñuusavi #mixtec (en Mexico City, Mexico)

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January 06 2018

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“Monster” by Woshibai

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Rincones del centro de #Merida

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catherine hyde

January 03 2018

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Harry Clarke illustrations for a 1919 collection of Edgar Allan Poe stories.

December 29 2017

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Illustrations by Marcos Chin.

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She is a Tree of Life to Them, 1950, Consuelo Kanaga

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Remedios Varo Uranga  - Rompiendo el Círculo Vicioso

December 28 2017

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Juaquina Mendosa brings this retablo joyfully thanking the Virgin of Guadalupe for curing her husband’s rheumatism. He couldn’t walk, and now he dances.

Cholula, 1912

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